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Press releases


CyberHat, an Israeli cyber defense startup that supports MSP, has raised $6 million in a funding led by venture capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners.

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Financial Intelligence

'Businesses most affected by cyber attacks are SMEs but also financial ones, not necessarily banks, but companies that deal with bank transfers.'

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Digital Trends Live

We also sat down with Yifat Bar-Eli, the general manager of CyberHat, a company of white-hat hackers (hackers doing good) specializing in defense services and solutions. CyberHat’s team has a wide range of experience from offensive, defensive, and intelligence domains.

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The Cybersecurity Masterminds

Despite the constant flow of security updates and patches, the number of cyberattacks, ranging from simple malware and phishing attacks to high profile network breaches , continue to rise unabated.


Cybersecurity In 2019

Security Operations Providers (SOC) like AT&T, Circadian Risk, CyberHat, Dell DELL, SecureWorks, DownRange Security Solutions (DRSS), Microsoft and Orator have compelling proactive solutions for monitoring and managing cyber risk—all will be worth watching in the coming year.


Leaders Emerge As The Industrial...

As Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” In my 2018 predictions article, I made some bold claims about what I thought would happen in the IoT and autonomous vehicle marketplace (Tim Cooks Retires, Apple buys Tesla, and Musk takes the reigns).


CYREBRO offers SOC as a service complete with multi-layer monitoring, alerts in real-time and 24/7 incident response and management as well as intense hacking simulations from international experts in cyber warfare. You can contact CYREBRO at their New York or Tel Aviv offices.