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Cyber Security

Readiness Assessment




CyberHat’s unique cyber security readiness assessment is based on years of practical offensive expertise. We designed and built a unique, on-site, professional assessment that provides clear and tangible insights of an organizations cyber defense capabilities. We evaluate a client’s security readiness and provide a roadmap of remedial actions which address three core elements:

  • Resilience

  • Response

  • Recovery abilities

Our Methodology

Our methodology is focused on the gap between theory and fact. The assessment creates a clear and coherent picture of the true cyber security posture of the organization and it’s ability to handle real life cyber incidents. Attack scenario analysis – CyberHat’s methodology includes a comprehensive analysis that is carried out by tracing known attack phases and examining how a potential attacker could exploit the organization’s existing gaps throughout the different attack vectors.


Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the CyberHat Cyber Readiness Assessment comprised of?

CyberHat IT security and cyber assessment scope covers the following:
  • On-premises sessions with various stakeholders 
  • Reviewing relevant IT and security documentation 
  • Vulnerability scan 
  • Network topology and architecture 
  • Monitoring and alerting capabilities 
  • Incident respond capabilities 
  • A configuration of security devices and servers 
  • Process and procedures for IT security 
  • Security training and awareness 
  • Data recovery and business continuity 

2. How is the assessment is performed?

Our assessment includes our expert's team visit in the organization headquarters and main locations (if needed), for at least one working week.
During this week, the team will interview leading stakeholders, (including IT manager, legal department, the organization board, management team and more). Performing tests and reviewing IT security readiness, in order to set a real image that tells the truth about the cybersecurity level, and the readiness to handle a cyber incident.

3. How is CyberHat's assessment different from other services?

CyberHat expert’s defense analysis, review the organization cybersecurity and readiness capabilities through the lens of the real hacker world point of view.
In the assessment, our experts assemble the organization risks and threats, based on the stakeholder’s needs and business model, and then design a tailored solution that involves multiple avenues to further strengthen the security posture, including writing new processes, procedures, recommendations and offer relevant solutions.

4. What is the assessment outcome?

The outcome is a detailed report with our findings on the organization IT security status.
The report creates a clear and tangible picture of the client’s practical cyber security and cyber readiness capabilities.

5. Do I need to provide some kind of resources to conduct the assessment?

Yes, our cybersecurity assessment aims to cover the whole organization and requires your prerequisites so our team will be able to get the most from its work. 
The assessment includes 9 different stages that you will need to get prepared for, from an internal survey to our unique vulnerabilities scan, conducted on premise. 
The prerequisites are essential for the assessment success and our objective, to get the clearest image of your organization cybersecurity status.

6. What is the assessment time frame?

The total time of the assessment is 1 month that includes the following, The first week of work includes an on-premises visit to the client's headquarters, investigating relevant stakeholders, check relevant sources, and review technology capabilities. In the following 3 weeks' our team write a detailed report that will be handled/presented to the management team.

7. Can I ask to focus the assessment on a specific issue in the organization?

Sure. If needed, our team can focus the assessment on a specific subject that is more relevant to the organization. For example, critical infrastructure organizations may need different assessment focus from a retail chain or a financial institute.
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