Time to Be Proactive!

Don’t Let the Coronavirus Impact Your Business Continuity

CyberHat provides a cohesive cyber security platform (CYREBRO managed SOC). We offer a Platform that enables your organization to leverage existing IT security investments (Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Web Proxy, Email Security, etc.). Our teams monitor and detect suspicious activity in real time. Through our unique methodologies, technology integration, and smart automation, we manage the overwhelming security logs and reduce the workload on understaffed teams, enabling increased productivity and a stronger security presence. Don’t let hackers exploit the situation and gain access to your critical infrastructure 

Enjoy a 45-days free trial of CYREBRO managed SOC including:

A fully licensed SIEM





Don’t let hackers exploit the situation and gain access to your critical infrastructure.

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Proprietary end point agents
24/7 monitoring
Threat intelligence and Incident response teams

Working from home brings new security challenges, while you protect the health of your employees and stability of your business, let us defend your network security and machines. 

Time to Be Proactive 

About CyberHat

CyberHat is a leading cyber security company dedicated to providing professional cyber security solutions to clients of all sizes. CyberHat’s unique solutions are designed, executed and maintained by elite Israeli cyber security experts, including expert white hat hackers, defenders and state-level investigators with experience in the national and corporate arenas. CyberHat’s experience includes deep cyber security forensic and post-mortem investigations, advanced hacking simulations, and hands-on cyber assessments. From small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, CyberHat professionals protect the systems of financial services, retailers, telecoms, energy and infrastructure organizations around the globe

* Disclaimer:  45 FREE Trial covers up to 100 machines and 100 EPS SIEM license capacity. Larger environments will be discovered separately for scope and pricing.

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